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The glazes in this collection show the richness in subtle levels of slightly varying saturation. Random edges of individual tiles will have a gentle darker tone. This is not an obvious difference, but a delicate and important element. The surface of the tile also has miniscule undulating irregularities that still maintain a refined and finished appearance.

With a reasonable price point and elegant trim options, the Stuccio Ceramic Collection is an excellent design option. The tile sizes range from 3″ x 6″ Subway, 6″ x 6″ square, and large 4″ x 8″ rectangles.

This series is a general stock item and ready for shipping to your jobsite.













































































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Porcelain tile manufacturing has finally arrived at a point where even an expert can’t tell the difference between real wood and our new tile collection. Manufactured using Full High Definition Digital Technology, we were blown away by the realistic color, texture and pattern of the Stelate Porcelain Wood tile plank collection. The design was inspired by gently weathered wood, however it retains a modern, progressive feel.

 The colors pair well with large format white tiles as well as natural stone. Available in 2 unusually long sizes: 6 x 48 in. and 8 x 48 in. Unlike traditional wood floors, this porcelain tile never needs refinishing, is highly scratch and stain resistant, not to mention water and frost resistant. This means that Stelate tile can be used for almost any surface, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, living rooms, dining rooms bedrooms and exterior areas.

 Another stocked tile for easy specification and shipment.











































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Designers have always loved the distinctly handmade quality of our classic Zumi series. We kept the same interest in the surface and incredible color formations through the glass, but in the new Zumi Structured series the edges are more smooth and straight. The artistry is still evident and the edges are still made to be unique. The surface of the mosaic retains its undulations and striations which create so much interest and character to the tile.

Certain tile colors in the collection are made from 70% recycled glass content. The Zumi Structured series is a stocked tile ready for shipment.




















































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Shape, texture and space were the inspiration for this collection. Simple geometry applied to mosaic tile shapes bring the design of a space to another level. We kept the colors simple so as not to overpower the impact of these materials. This allows for these dimensional ceramic mosaics to be used to cover the walls of an entire room without weighing upon the visual experience.

Dimensional Ceramics are a general stock series and can be packed for shipment quickly.














































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Joan Chan of Studio Chan Architecture transformed this Upper East Side Manhattan pre-war apartment into a crisp, clean and open space. The color scheme is rich and luxurious, but limited to a select palette. This creates a calming and harmonious visual interaction with this interior.

In the spacious kitchen, Complete Tile fabricated a custom kitchen countertop from Mother of Pearl Quartzite Stone. Natural quartzite has recently found a new love from designers and architects for countertops due to its extreme hardness but also its scratch & stain resistance.

Kitchen with quartzite counter and ceramic tile backsplash

Kitchen - Main Area


The area between the kitchen and dining room features the same natural stone quartzite countertop and the custom cabinetry incorporates a display for fine china.

New York City quartzite kitchen island counter and ceramic tile backsplash

Kitchen - Open Plan to Dining Area


The open plan from the dining room creates an avenue for the family to interact with each other during meals and allows light to drench the space from all sides. The ceramic tile textures on the walls of the kitchen add a subtle effect to the space.

NYC Kitchen serving area quartzite counter

Kitchen - Serving Counter


For the kitchen backsplash and walls throughout the area, Joan chose Our Milk White V#21 Ceramic Skinny Tile 1-1/2” x 10-1/2”. The glaze color of this tile has a wonderful subtle variation of sumptuous creamy white hues. The proportion of the thin long ceramic tile expands and elongates the space, while creating a calming horizontal direction to the eye.

Handmade creamy white ceramic tile skinny long kitchen backsplash

Kitchen - Handmade Ceramic Tile


This ceramic tile is hand-made in the USA, crafted by artisans. Its decidedly irregular surface and shape softens and counterbalances hard surfaces normally found in a kitchen, such as granite and stainless steel.

Notice the craftsmanship on the corners and details of the kitchen countertop.

Kitchen backsplash ceramic tile, ceramic tile trim and sink detail

Kitchen - Produce Rinsing Sink Detail


For the kitchen floor, Complete Tile Collection furnished a warm grey limestone tile – Astor Blue Honed 16” x 16” which we custom cut to 8” x 16” in order to fit the proportions and concept of the space. While a limestone kitchen floor is not for every client, many choose to use this material. A little extra care is involved in maintaining limestone in a kitchen, but the natural elegance it presents is well worth the effort.

Astor Blue honed limestone kitchen floor Custom Cut to 8” x 16” rectangle

Kitchen - Limestone Floor Detail


The kitchen island is made of the same Mother of Pearl Quartzite as the rest of the counter areas and is cut with a curved portion to facilitate movement and workflow within the space. The main sink and dishwasher are incorporated into the island.

Kitchen Island top in Mother of Pearl Quartzite

Kitchen - Quartzite Stone Island


The master bath was done in our Carrara Honed marble and is beautifully detailed. The transitions are absolutely impeccable and flawlessly planned. The shower ceiling has been tiled, which not only serves to unify and distinguish the shower area as its own space, but allows for the glass enclosure to fully close the space without creating a moisture issue if it were painted. One important area to note is where the glass shower enclosure meets the wall. A frame of Carrara Marble slab was created that serves as a delineation and solid definitive surface for the glass to adhere to cleanly.

Master bathroom in carrara honed marble subway tile 3” x 6”

Master Bath - Marble Tile Shower


A custom Carrara shower niche was created for ¾” slab and inset into the wall.

Master bathroom custom carrara shower niche honed marble

Master Bath - Shower Niche


A simple and clean linear detail was incorporated using our Metro Liner in Basic Black Honed Marble. Notice how this liner intersects perfectly with the faucet controls on the wall.

Master bathroom carrara honed marble 3” x 6” tile with black marble liner

Master Bath - Shower Tile Detail


The liner detail then passes under the second custom Carrara marble shower niche and aligns directly under the custom fabricated wainscot Cove Molding #5.

Master bathroom liner detail basic black marble

Master Bath - Shower Molding Detail


The bottom section of the marble niche even projects slightly forward to ground the floating rectangle in place.

Master bathroom custom shower niche honed carrara marble

Master Bath - Shower Niche Detail


The shower floor is made from slab and cut into an envelope pattern so it can be sloped towards the drain.

Master bathroom stone slab floor cut in envelope pattern

Master Bath - Shower Floor


The corner area of the floor, where the base molding enclosure frame and shower curb meet is perfectly planned and executed. The main floor mosaic and linear border also integrate effortlessly.

Master bathroom custom tight joint basketweave mosaic floor

Master Bath - Shower Entry


The marble shower curb was custom fabricated into a dimensional profile with a cove detail to match the base molding, this serves to create an uninterrupted line. The floor shows our Custom Made Tight Joint Basketweave Carrara Claro Premium 2″ x 1-1/4″ Honed With 1/2″ Nero Dots. The mosaic is made with an extremely tight grout joint which makes for a more luxurious appearance with very little visible grout.

Master bathroom custom made shower curb in carrara honed marble

Master Bath - Shower Curb


The wainscot Cove Molding #5 was custom made in 24” increments (instead of the standard 12”). When stone moldings are manufactured in longer lengths, the tile installer has fewer cuts to make. This serves to create a more intentional and custom look to the end result as there are less grout lines and segments. The important stone molding dividing the tile wall from the painted wall flows more distinctly.

Master bathroom vanity top in carrara marble

Master Bath - Vanity


A short corridor from the front door leads to the entry vestibule. For this space we created a custom colorway for one of our stone mosaic patterns. Our Empire Pattern Mosaic was made using polished Blanc Nuage Premium Onyx for the main field and Honed Astor Blue Limestone for the linear outline of the overlapping circles. Our stagger Stalks mosaic border was custom made in the same materials, which transitions the pattern to the Honed Astor Blue slab frame around the entire installation. 

Foyer handmade Empire pattern mosaic pattern with Limestone and Onyx

Foyer - Stone Mosaic Entry Floor

Foyer Empire pattern mosaic with stagger stalks mosaic border

Foyer - Empire Pattern Mosaic


Our custom mosaic patterns are made by hand in the United States by a team of skilled artists. Each piece of mosaic in this pattern has been cut and clipped by hand to fit the planned detailing. It is the fit of the individual stone pieces in the detailing of mosaic pattern that differentiates a mass produced low quality mosaic from a high quality masterpiece such as this.

Foyer handmade mosaic pattern in limestone and onyx

Foyer - Mosaic Floor Detail


In this close-up, the planned detailing and precise hand fit aspect of the mosaic is evidenced. The background onyx pieces create their own subtle pattern within the context of the overall creation. The juxtaposition of the highly polished onyx with the gently honed limestone creates a subtly play on texture.  

Foyer floor mosaic pattern detail White Onyx and Limestone

Foyer - Hand Made Stone Mosaic


The guest bath was designed using our Vermeere Ceramic Tile CollectionTrue White Gloss 3” x 6” Subway Tile. The custom shower niche is fabricated from ¾” Thassos Premium Polished Marble and also set into the wall. The bathroom has an unmistakably clean and fresh appearance.

Guest bathroom Vermeere ceramic 3” x 6” white gloss subway tile

Guest Bath - Subway Tile Shower


A White Thassos tub deck was created which rests atop a larger slab that composes the marble tub face.

Guest bathroom white thassos marble tub deck

Guest Bath - Shower & Mosaic Floor


The shower ceiling is also covered in white subway tile and the transition between the shower wall and ceiling is made graceful by the use of a ceramic tile molding. Our Vermeere Ceramics – Frame Rail Cap tile trim in True White Gloss was installed around the perimeter. A second custom Thassos shower niche was incorporated at a lower height.

Guest bathroom subway ceramic white gloss

Guest Bath - Subway Tile Transition


Subway Tile bullnose trim creates a finished edge for the exposed terminating edge of the tiles. Notice that the tile molding has a special piece at the end point called a Straight Stop End. This molding piece serves to conclude the molding run in a clean manner.

Guest bathroom subway tile and ceramic trim molding

Guest Bath - Tiled Shower Ceiling


The bathroom floor design shows our Opus Azul Mosaic Pattern in the Antique Tumbled finish. This mosaic is produced using 4 marble colors: Azul Celeste, Carrara, Thassos and Calacatta Gold.The pattern is modern, yet classic and the color blend is playfully sophisticated.

Guest bathroom opus pattern marble mosaic floor tumbled finish

Guest Bath - Opus Mosaic Floor


During production, the marble mosaic pieces are gently tumbled just the right amount to create a soft antiqued finish to the stone. They are then hand set on to a lightweight mesh and expertly blended by mosaic artists. The mosaic sheets then interlock with each other during installation to create a seamless floor.

Guest bathroom marble mosaic floor detail Carrara, Blue Celeste, Thassos

Guest Bath - Opus Mosaic Detail

The level of detail in this project was a joy to behold and our capabilities and products were used to the fullest by Studio Chan Architecture. Joan created a magnificent example of how bright and open a pre-war NYC apartment can be after talented space planning and clever material specifications.


Complete Tile Collection
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