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Stocked Stone Mosaic Patterns In Unique Configurations  

We have created this category to fill one of the toughest challenges a designer faces: How to find original and unique products that don't have a long lead time and high price point? We have assembled this hand made series of stone mosaics from factories all over the world and they are stocked, ready for shipment. The prices are moderate and many different perspectives are represented here, created by the greatest mosaic designers.

The configurations range from precise geometric to free flowing, hand clipped and tight joint mosaic. All of the classic and current stone colors are incorporated in these color combinations, making this series very versatile to design with.

These high-end mosaics were previously unavailable from stock and only made to order. Complete Tile can send current stock photos and actual stock swatches for color approval so you can be certain that the mosaic will work with your color scheme.

Shown: Zenra Mosaic - Polished Thassos Marble

Mosaic Patterns

Rectangulum Mosaic - Thassos

Rothchild's Grid Mosaic - Carrara

Rothchild's Grid Mosaic - Crema

Blowing Linen Mosaic - Carrara

Spiro Mosaic - Carrara

Spiro Mosaic - Timestone

Geomeni Mosaic - Carrara

Concentric Hexagon Mosaic - Carrara

Malovi Mosaic - White Blossom

Mini Hexalogon Mosaic - Carrara

Mini Hexalogon Mosaic - Blue Ronse

Mini Hexalogon Mosaic - Lavora Blue

Offset 5/8" Blue Celeste Dark, Thassos and Ming Green - Polished

Offset 5/8" Bardiglio Turno, Thassos and Carrara - Honed

Offset 5/8" Bardiglio Turno, Thassos and Carrara - Polished

Ki - Asher

Ki - Grey Striato

Ki - Timestone Light

Ki - Timestone Dark

Petit Sesmi - Grey Striato

Oshei - Asher

Oshei - Grey Striato

Oshei - Timestone Light

Oshei - Timestone Dark

Buku - Asher

Buku - Grey Striato

Buku - Timestone Light

Buku - Timestone Dark

Grand Sesmi - Grey Striato

Masgu - Asher and Tiger Skin

Masgu - Grey Striato and Black

Masgu - Timestone Light and Dark

Masgu - Timestone Dark and Light

Strattelton Mosaic - White Blossom with White Dot

Strattelton Mosaic - White Blossom with Black Dot

Strattelton Mosaic - Crema Marfil and Thassos

Astor Square Mosaic Pattern

Astor Square Mosaic Pattern

Genie Whisper in Whites Mosaic Pattern

Genie Whisper in Greys & White Mosaic Pattern

Octoweave Mosaic - Carrara Claro and Thassos

Octoweave Mosaic - Thassos and Iceland White

Mini Quilted Mosaic - Grey

Mini Quilted Mosaic - Black

Mini Quilted Mosaic - Thassos

Cape Tivate Mosaic - Arcello and Grey

Cape Tivate Mosaic - Calacatta and Lavora Blue

Concentric Hexagon - Arcello and Grey

Concentric Hexagon - Calacatta and Lavora Blue

Radiant Mosaic - Arcello and Grey

Radiant Mosaic - Calacatta and Lavora Blue

Enshante Mosaic - Arcello and Grey

Enshante Mosaic - Calacatta and Lavora Blue

Vetro Mosaic - Thassos

Star Petals Mosaic - Blanca Nieve

Neo Basketweave Mosaic - Timestone

Curtain Mosaic - Crema Marfil

Neo Chevron Mosaic - Timestone Blend

Tartan Mosaic



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