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Natural Stone

Limestone Tile & Slab

Limestone Tile and Slabs

Limestone is composed of natural stone grains and as a result, has a more subtle mottling to its surface than other stones. Throughout history Limestone has been a stable building block of architecture and design. Natural grains in the stone give a classically natural look to floors, backsplashes, wall designs or fireplaces. Utilizing one of nature’s elegant elements – Limestone – your design project can make the leap to extraordinary. Limestone tiles and slabs come in a wide variety of styles and colors. We offer both polished and honed finish Limestone tile.

Shown: Custom Fabricated Tub Deck - Crema Macon Polished 3/4" Slab

Polished Limestone Tile

Traditional polished Limestone tiles have a smooth, semi-gloss finish making them a perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen walls and backsplash tiles. A polished tile adds a glow to a room.

Honed Limestone Tile

Honed Limestone has a matte finish, all the while maintaining a sense of elegance and tradition. Honed Limestone tiles are a superb choice as floor or wall tiles. Our Honed Limestone stock offers a wide variety of color and texture options.

Complete Tile Collection
Complete Tile Collection

Complete Tile Collection

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