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About Complete Tile Collection

Our Founders

Denes Petoe, CEO

Denes has been working within the Architecture and Design community for 20 years. During that time he has founded and led three companies from startup to national success. He began his career as a Metal Sculptor, creating large scale art for private collectors. Denes’ focus then turned to Metal Furniture Design and Manufacturing, where his work has been featured and published in every major Interior Design and Architecture magazine.

After many years of success in the Metal Furniture Design industry, Denes discovered a new love of hand crafted Stone Mosaic while on a business trip to the Middle East. It was then that he began designing, manufacturing and importing Mosaic and Tile products from the world over. Complete Tile Collection is a culmination of both Denes’ artistic talents and his keen understanding as to the unique process of design. He recognizes the importance of providing not only the very finest products available, but also the best possible experience for his clients. His acute attention to detail and untiring perusal of excellence has helped to lead Complete Tile Collection to its pinnacle industry position.

Denes is the Engineer of the functional philosophy and architecture of this website. He is also the Executive Creative Director and Executive Producer. It is with great pride that he welcomes you to explore the thousands of fascinating products contained within.

Graham Barr, President

The word Mosaic led me into the world of Tile. I imagined a floor or wall intricately tiled in colors and patterns. I then began looking at Tiles from a new point of view and began to imagine rooms that were composed of shapes and textures that could evoke the style of the Arts and Crafts or a 1920’s bungalow, the modern aesthetic of the Bauhaus or the brownstones of the 19th century, classic old New York, or something that never existed at all before.

Now, everyday I am involved in helping to create the perfect kitchen or bath by drawing on the many references I have found and continue to find in the world of Tile.

After many years working in related fields I have found a way to incorporate all of my creative talents into one endeavor which is to have the most elegant and comprehensive selection of tiles ever displayed. The challenge has been to make them accessible and organized and that has been accomplished without the loss of nuance or the sense of artistry that makes it all so interesting.

The use of Tile has a long history. The accessibility of it is very recent. A truly great showroom has product that is not only beautiful today but will be cherished in the future and this is what I have sought to achieve.

What is The Complete Tile Collection?

Complete Tile Collection is famous for having the largest selection of Tile & Stone products in the world, comprised of virtually every type of high quality material. Over 800 distinct varieties of Natural Stone Tile and 500 ceramic colors are represented, comprising over 20 years of worldwide market sourcing.

As a current market leader, Complete Tile Collection is a top tier dealer of practically all exclusive territorial product lines in the industry. This translates into the finest selection at the most reasonable prices for our clients.

What Makes Complete Tile Collection special?

We take a different approach to representing tile materials. Tile showrooms typically create vignettes and displays in an attempt to represent their particular “style”. Our focus is on presenting the tile itself in an objective, yet detailed and organized fashion, rather than trying to impose the way we think it should be used.

Materials in our showroom are displayed modularly, so that each item can be removed individually and composed into unique arrangements on our worktables. This approach allows for a pure design process to occur, without the distraction of preconceived configurations.

You may view examples of our methodology here: Showroom



The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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Complete Tile Collection

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