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4 January, 2013 by Denes Petoe

Unexpected? Unconventional? Unafraid? We can certainly say all of these things about Fashion & Interior Designer Bradley Bayou, especially in this glimmering master bath! The very core of cutting edge interior design is based upon the ability to use a material in a way that is seldom or never seen and Bradley does just that. Our Alumenia Series Tile is made from 100% recycled aluminum and comes in 4 finishes. Bradley used a combination of 3 finishes in the 2” x 2” Blend Mosaic Tile on the floor and created his pop finish with our mirror polished 12” x 12” aluminum tile on the walls.

Master Bath Shower

Master Bath Shower - Metal Collection Alumenia Series

The space boasts a large expanse of floor to ceiling windows, which was an important consideration in choosing the aluminum tile as a main finish. The wash of natural light that fills the bath glimmers upon the metal tile which has a hand-made undulating surface.

Master Bath - Shower Wall

Shower Wall - Aluminum Mirror Finish

Mirror polished aluminum tile was even used in the actual shower. Most people would be too fearful to attempt the use of this tile for such a purpose.

Shower Curb Detail

Shower Curb Detail - Aluminum Blend 2

The attention to detail is evidenced by this shower curb. The aluminum mosaic floor leading from the main area was mitered 45 degrees at the edges to envelop the curb separating the main bath from the shower.

Master Bath - Vanity Top

Vanity Top: Black Absolute Granite 2

The double vanity was fabricated from polished Absolute Black granite with a 2” mitered front edge. Full height mirrors add dimension to the vanity area.

Master Bath - Main Area

Master Bath - Main Area Mosaic Tile Blend 2

The typical cold, hard aspect generally associated with metal is transformed in our Alumenia Tile Series. This is due to the fact that each tile is hand cast by a skilled artisan and every tile unique in its surface, shape and texture. The tiles gain a more sculptural quality by this process.

Master Bath - Floor Detail

Metal Mosaic Floor Detail

We think Bradley Bayou has created an incredible work of cutting edge design with this project and every detail was masterfully transitioned. We are inspired!


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