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29 May, 2015 by Denes Petoe

Nestled in the quiet exclusive enclave of Sutton Place Manhattan in a building rich with historical significance, architect Carl Hribar creates a stunning residence. Featuring 2 master bathrooms, one His and one Hers, each detailed with the perfect balance of bold patterns and refined elegance. This project is both an accomplishment of bespoke design and the ultimate in luxurious living.

In Her master bath, Carl enlivened the walls by using our Tiepolo Tileworks 6” x 6” Damask Pattern ceramic tile in Walnut with a Cobalt wash. In a proprietary multi-step glazing process, the pattern is actually screen printed on this tile by hand and a translucent wash of cobalt glaze is applied in the final stage.

Master Bathroom Using Tiepolo Ceramic Tile

Her Master Bath with Tiepolo Damask Pattern Ceramic & Onyx Vanity Top, Mosaic Floor


In order to create an element which didn’t compete with the bold wall pattern, Carl chose Blanc Nuage Premium Polished Onyx for the vanity top, shower curb and custom base moldings. The onyx vanity has a built up edge detail of two ¾ inch slab layers.

Below, we illustrate the shower niche, which Carl carefully planned so that the outer edge of the frame aligns with the grout line of the surrounding tiles. A ¼ round trim molding was used to transition the 90 degree edges surrounding the niche.

Master Bath using Tiepolo Ceramic Tile and Onyx Mosaic

Her Master Bath with Tiepolo Damask Pattern Shower Walls & Niche, Custom Mosaic Floor


The triangular shower seat creates a wonderful geometric aspect to the interior shower space. A 3/8 inch square custom mosaic was created for the shower and bathroom floors. The tiny pieces of 3/8 inch mosaic juxtaposed with the larger adjacent slab elements creates an impression pertinent to the precious quality of the Onyx. The mosaic was created from a coordinated tile lot of the same Blanc Nuage Premium Onyx as was used in the surrounding details. The Onyx base molding was designed in an impressive 8”high profile in custom lengths of 24” which gives the molding an elongated proportion, balancing its height. The beautiful details all intersect flawlessly as Carl meticulously designed.

Master Bath detail using Tiepolo Ceramic tile, Custom Mosaic Floor

Her Master Bath with Tiepolo Ceramic Tile & Custom Made Onyx Mosaic Floor


In His master bath, the color palette becomes more masculine yet as a whole retains a refined impression. Carl aslo chose a tile from our Tiepolo Tileworks ceramic series which happened to be our latest size introduction of 4 x 6 inch in the color Dove. This hand made tile has a sculptural surface and its glaze reminds us of a gentle watercolor painting. Lavora Blue limestone in ¾ inch honed was used for the vanity, shower curb and also incorporated into the custom mosaic floor.

Master Bathroom with Tiepolo Ceramic, Limestone Vanity Top

His Master Bath with Tiepolo Ceramic Tile & Limestone Vanity Top


Carl designed a dual purpose area in the shower by combining the bench into a large niche and adding a stone shelf. The corners surrounding the niche were transitioned by using bullnose tile. The Lavora Blue limestone shower seat has a wonderful notch detail and strong proportions which anchor it within the space.

Master Bath using Tiepolo Ceramic Tile and limestone Shower bench

His Master Bath with Tiepolo Ceramic Tile & Limestone Shower Bench, Niche Shelf


The top of the ceramic tile installation was finished with our Custom Molding # 5 in Calacatta polished marble set approximately 6 inches lower than the ceiling. The remaining top wall space and ceiling were then painted in a coordinating color, this technique of installing a molding lower than the ceiling solves a constant design problem: accounting for a ceiling which is never straight. If one were to tile straight up to the ceiling, there will invariably be a line of cut tile which may sometimes even result in a narrow sliver of tiles. By finishing the tile lower, one can retain the visual comfort of a full tile terminating at the top of the install.

Carl selected our Byzantine pattern custom mosaic in a three material colorway: Blanc Nuage Premium Onyx, Calacatta honed marble and the Lavora Blue honed limestone. The pronounced pattern and contrasting color palette of the mosaic create a definitive statement of design intent for this bathroom environment.

Master Bathroom using Tiepolo Ceramic Tile,  Lavora Blue Limestone

His Master Bath with Ceramic Tile & Byzantine Custom Mosaic Floor


The foyer, which is the access point to many other areas, required a floor which served to both anchor the space and draw the visitor around the perimeter visually. The round shape of the gently illuminated soffit in the ceiling is also reflected in the round shape of the Greek Key border.

Foyer Hand Clipped Mosaic in Limestone, Greek Key Border

Foyer Custom Made Floor Mosaic 3/8 x 3/8 Hand Clipped


An additional thin linear border of 2 rows forms a square around the outermost area of the foyer. The entire mosaic was custom made to fit the floor space and hand clipped using Crema Macon polished limestone. The borders were also hand clipped using Mons Green polished marble.

Foyer Hand Clipped Mosaic with Greek Key Border

Foyer With Custom Made Hand Clipped Mosaic Tile, Greek Key Border


Architects such as Carl Hribar, have the confidence and design ability to use materials in ways that are original or seen infrequently. A mosaic pattern such as the one below creates an unexpected yet pleasant visual surprise when used as a kitchen floor. The precision and tight grout joints of our custom mosaics allows for their use in a kitchen. Our Castello pattern mosaic shown below uses the following components: Bardiglio honed marble, Sheva gold honed limestone and River Cream honed marble.

Kitchen Floor Marble and Limestone Mosaic

Custom Made Kitchen Floor Castello Pattern Mosaic in Marble & Limestone


The light filled guest bath contains the perfect color palette for such a bright room. The walls feature White Whisp polished Marble in a 3 x 6 inch subway tile. For the vanity top, tub deck and sill, Blanc Nuage Premium polished Onyx was chosen. The floor is a custom made mosaic pattern using Blanc polished Onyx with a Regency polished Marble dot.

Guest Bathroom Blanc Nuage Onyx, White Whisp Subway Tile

Guest Bath with White Whisp Subway Tile & Onyx Vanity Top, Tub Deck and Window Sill


This guest bath also incorporates the technique of finishing the wall tile installation below the ceiling line with our Custom Molding #5 in White Whisp polished Marble.

Guest Bathroom White Whisp Subway Tile, Custom Molding

Guest Bath with White Whisp Polished Marble Subway Tile & Custom Molding


This project is a wonderful illustration of unique individual multi-space designs within a project, which still maintain cohesive integrity through the use of materials, visual techniques and spatial planning. Carl Hribar demonstrates his design prowess in this fascinating creation.

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