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For Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis, our Vermeere Ceramic Tile for the children’s bath and our McIntones Ceramic for her Kitchen were the perfect choice. The entire project can be viewed on

From the website: In the kids’ bathroom, Alexis continued the use of terrazzo for the tub and chose cornflower-blue tile for the walls with longevity in mind. “It’s a cute color for kids, but they can grow up with it,” she says. “You don’t want to have to retile later because your kids’ bathroom is bubblegum pink with little flowers all over.”

Vermeere Ceramics Shown Below in Sweet Bluette Crackle 2″ x 4″

Vermeere Ceramic Bath

Children's Bath - Vermeere - Sweet Bluette Crackle 2

For the kitchen, our Mcintones Cermamic was selected in the color: Beige White 2″ x 4″

An avid cook, Alexis knew what she wanted in a kitchen. “Everything needed to be easy to clean but elegant at the same time,” she says.

Mcintones Ceramic Kitchen

Kitchen - Mcintones - Beige White 2

McIntones Tile Kitchen

Long View Of Alexis Stewart's Kitchen

McIntones Ceramic Kittchen

Kitchen Island Wall Clad In McIntones Tile

The earthy stoneware glaze on the McIntones Tile creates a wonderful tension in juxtaposition with the rest of this sleek, modern kitchen. Thanks for choosing the Complete Tile Collection Alexis!

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Celebrity Designer Thom Filicia (Queer Eye) created an installation for the 2012 Kips Bay decorators show house. He called upon us to furnish a custom fabricated quartzite granite stone top for the centerpiece table.   

Look at the beautiful edge detail on this granite top and the cool proportion of the octagonal shape. The entire room is vibrant with color and texture!   

Main Room Installation

Matrix Velvet Table

Center Table

Custom Fabricated Matrix Velvet

Center Table Top - Custom Fabricated

Custom Fabricated Table Top

Center Table Detail

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Here is a great installation shot of a Kitchen Backsplash using our Zumi Glass – Deep Sea Natural Finish 1-3/8″ x 5-3/4″ Large Brick Mosaic. This is a handmade glass mosaic with a deep, rich color and a great degree of visual interst in its surface. We love the mix of clean, modern lines in the cabinetry and countertop juxtaposed with the pronounced texture of the glass mosaic.

Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Installed Kitchen Backsplash: Zumi Glass - Deep Sea Natural Large Brick Mosaic


Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Corner View: Zumi Glass - Deep Sea Natural Backsplash

 The entire Zumi Glass Mosaic collection can be viewed Here. See more great images in our Projects Section.



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Andrew Marlay is an interior designer with an eye for delicate subtlety and exquisite detailing. His firm, Marlay Design specializes in high end residential design. Andrew’s design process delves deep into planning, organization and the most careful consideration of transitions. A truly sophisticated design makes transitions from different materials and surfaces within a space appear effortless. Our Vermeere Ceramic Collection is perfect for this type of deliberate and elevated-thought design.
Once all ceramic tiles and moldings were manufactured and delivered to the job site, Andrew supervised the organization of all parts. Here we can see the inside, outside and frame corners of the ceramic base moldings, pencil liners and chair rails.
Vermeere Ceramic Tile Molding

Organizing The Transition Pieces

A dry layout then begins, this configuration will frame the faucet controls.
Ceramic Tile Border

Careful Layout, Numbering & Planning of the Border Details

The Vermeere Ceramics color chosen was Aidan’s Blue Gloss and the main walls were a 3”x 6” subway tile. This configuration consists of an Ogee Border Liner, a mosaic border of 1-1/4” x 5/8” Offset Brick Pattern in Thassos Polished Marble, and Pencil Liner. Notice the special right angle pieces called Outside Frame Corners. Here is the careful installation process being performed.
Ceramic Subway Tile

From Planning To Actual Installation

And now the final grouted result, notice how every placement of tile, molding and mosaic is perfectly thought out. Andrew is a true perfectionist and incredible professional.
Grouted Vermeer Subway Tile

Border & Molding Detailing Around the Faucet Controls

Here is a detail of the corner treatment using the special Inside Corner Molding pieces.
Inside Ceramic Molding Corners

Inside Corner Detailing

We fabricated a tub deck from Polished Thassos 1-1/4” Marble which was also used as a shelf in the shower niche. The transitions from the ceramic tile inside the niche to the outside were achieved seamlessly through the use of Bullnose Ceramic Tile.
Hand Made Ceramic Subway Tile

Tub Deck In Thassos Slab and Niche Detail

A Basketweave pattern of Thassos with a Blue Celest Dot was used on the floor, notice the perfect placement of the mosaic, leaving an equal amount of white space between the dot and the base throughout the 90 degree turn. The transition from floor to wall was made using the Normandy Ceramic Base Molding piece.
Basketweave Mosaic and Ceramic Base Molding

Transition From Mosaic Floor To Walls Using Ceramic Base Molding

We thank Andrew Marlay for allowing us a rare glimpse into his impeccable design and execution process. We were fascinated and the work speaks for itself. This bathroom belongs to one very lucky little boy!

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When the high profile architectural firm O’Neil Langan contacted our President, Graham Barr to manufacture the floors for a roll-out of 3 new Yves Saint Laurent stores in a very particular selection of limestone, we knew this was something great. One of our specialties is limestone and a chevron pattern in the most select creamy-white limestone was specified. I immediately contacted the best quarry owner known for pure Calais Cream Polished limestone, had him set aside select blocks and asked for them to be transported to the factory for my inspection.
Ephesus Cream Limestone Blocks

Denes Petoe Inspecting Blocks Of Calais Cream Limestone

The blocks were perfect, so I had the factory cut down them down into slabs in the specified 3/4″ thickness. Upon inspection of the cut slabs, I then narrowed down a selection of the finest, inclusion free specimens for final processing. Here is the beautiful selection of selected cut Calais Cream slabs.
Ephesus Cream Polished Slabs

Calais Cream Polished Slabs After Processing From Blocks

Ephesus Cream Slabs

Calais Cream Slabs Close-up

In order to achieve a true chevron pattern, there must be identical opposing shapes produced as illustrated below. I had my shop foreman in America pre-cut templates in the exact geometry necessary (shown in black) and brought them with me. I then laid them out to be marked on the large stone bridge saw.
Templates for production

Laying Out The Templates For Prototype Cutting

If the geometry of one opposing shape is even a millimeter off from the other, the pattern will not work. A very tight grout joint is expected in all Complete Tile projects. Careful inspection and prototype measurement is conducted.
Denes Petoe Yves Saint Laurent Layout

Denes Petoe Checking The Precise Dimensions

The production was loaded into a container and shipped to the U.S. for delivery to the new Yves Saint Laurent stores. Here are images from the installation of the floors in the Beverly Center in LA.
Ephesus Cream Herringbone

The Final Chevron Pattern Installed

Ephesus Cream Herringbone

Detail Of The Calais Cream Chevron Pattern

O’Neil Langan achieved the perfect level of detail and ultimate professionalism which speaks for itself in the final result. The Yves Saint Laurent store in the Beverly Center is a true work of high level design.

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