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Working directly in conjunction with the perpetually innovative design firm Studio Sofield, Complete Tile Collection furnished the design-forward baths for the 10 ultra fabulous Soho Grand Hotel’s Grand Suites. Featuring our McIntones Ceramics Tile in a 2″ x 6″ Charcoal color, set with a conceptual wallpaper on the upper portions and luxury hardware throughout.
Esquire magazine among other major publications covered the provocative design of the Grand Suites. Graham Barr himself was the Complete Tile Collection designer coordinating the project.
Soho Grand Tile

McIntones Ceramics Charcoal 2

McIntones Ceramic Tile

McIntones Ceramic Tile with Statuary Calacatta Vanity Top

In the image above, the gentle white hue of the Calacatta Gold Honed marble vanity top is juxtaposed with the bold matte black finish of the Mcintones Ceramic Tile.
And if you ever wish to leave the master bath…..
Soho Grand

Soho Grand -Grand Suites Bedroom

The bedroom is subconsciously inviting, with a decadently plush mattress, open floor plan and subtle color scheme. Matching abstract cloud patterns on the custom carpet and wall will certainly invite a sense of peaceful rest through the night.

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aaa zumi glass

Zumi Glass

aaa luna glass

Luna Glass

aaa true glass

True Glass

aaa glass expressions

Glass Expressions

aaa water & sky

Water & Sky

aaa katami glass

Katami Glass

aaa stained glass

Stained Glass

If you are looking for design ideas for your new bathroom, we maintain an expansive collection of Glass Mosaic Tile. We have 8 categories in our Glass Collection with numerous colors and design options within each

Zumi Glass – Each piece crafted via a process called “molten Folding” fabrication using extreme heat. Pieces are actually folded by specialized artists into multi-layered color variation. Pieces are remelted and slumped into iron molds and hand snapped revealing a crafted edge.

Luna Glass – Great for many environments and popular in kitchens and baths. We have 24 colors and 3 finish styles available. These special tiles are heated and poured into molds and hand snapped. Complementary molding and trim shapes are available.

True Glass – Crafted in manner during 17th Century France with tiny air bubbles trapped creating subtle detailing. Availble in 3 sizes in 16 colors and 2 finishes. Molding and trim shapes available.

Expressions – 10 sizes available in 21 colors with numerous blends and finishes. Shapes include penny rounds, ovals and hexagons. Great for bathrooms, showers, kitchens and backsplashes. Easy choice for design.

Water & Sky – Popular uses include bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and more. Use for both interior and exterior design. Unique style with look of rippling water. 13 colors and 3 finishes.

Katami Glass Mosaics – Perfect choice for adding unique impact to your design. Hand scored and snapped with random stalks of color and shade. Interlocking edges with seamless appearance.

Stained Glass Mosaic & Tile– Hand scored and snapped pieces to create Tesserae sorted by color and shade. Available in a variety of colors and finishes including mirror and stained glass in numerous shapes and sizes.

We are located on West 15th Street in the NYC Tile District. To speak with one of our designers contact us at 212-255-4450.

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Kitchen Tile Ideas - Complete Tile NYC

Park Avenue Townhouse, Upper Eastside NYC

Here are two tile ideas for your new kitchen backsplash or any vertical surface. The first above is the narrow vertical wall in a Park Avenue Townhouse. The material used is Pietra Novara Honed Limestone from our Natural Stone Collection in 4″ x 16″ pieces. They come in 3 different sizes as well as 3/4″ slab. Our Natural Stone Collection includes Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Waxed Stone, Onyx, Slate and Granite.

Tribeca NYC, Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas - Complete Tile

Tribeca Loft

The vertical short wall, part of the kitchen counter, is the Damask Pattern Walnut & Cobalt, a screen printed field tile called Tiepolo Tile works. These unique pieces are inspired by 17th & 18th Century European etchings and engraving. These special tiles are hand rolled, dried, the screen printed and glazed. They are perfect for backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and interior walls.

Complete Tile – Single Source For The Largest Tile Collection

Contact Us and speak to one of our designers about your next project. We have the largest collection of tile in all categories enabling you to achieve your design goals in one place. 212-255-4450

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Stained Glass Mosaic

Stained Glass Mosaic

The bath featured here is a duplex loft located in Tribeca NYC using Stained Glass Mosaic on the wall in the color Crisp Breeze Blend. The tub was fabricated with Blue Celeste Polished Marble and the floor is Ceramic Mosaic in Robins Egg Blue Matte.The project was designed by Sam Tonos of Tonos Design Studio on West 27th Street.

Our Glass Mosaic Collection includes 8 categories with a vast selection of colors, styles, moldings and liners.

Looking for ideas and design possibilities for your new project, give us a call at 212-255-4450 and one of our designers will gladly help you along. View more about this and others on our projects section.

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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