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Stuccio Ceramic Tile Collection

Snow Gloss 2" x 8" Tile

Complete Tile Collection Stuccio Ceramic Tile Collection, Snow Gloss 2" x 8" Tile, MI#: 107-C1-311-101, Color: Snow
*actual colors may vary


MI# 107-C1-311-101

Color: Snow

Finish: Gloss

Thickness: 5/16"

Material: Ceramic

Size: 2" x 8" Tile (1.9" x 7.8")

Field Size: 1 Sq Ft = 9 Pcs

Availability: Stocked Item

Also Available:

2" x 8" Glazed Edge On 8" Side 107-C2-311-108
2" x 8" Glazed Edge On 2" Side 107-C2-311-109
2" x 8" Right 2 Glazed Edges 107-C2-311-110
2" x 8" Left 2 Glazed Edges 107-C2-311-111
4" x 8" Tile 107-C1-310-911
6" x 6" Tile 107-C1-310-921
3" x 6" Cuadrado Tile 107-C1-311-171
1" x 5.8" Quarter Round Liner 107-C4-311-173
0.7” x 7.8” Stripe Liner 107-C4-311-234
2.8" x 7.8" Chair Molding 107-C3-311-235
0.5" x 5.8" Finishing Edge 107-C2-311-170
0.5" x 7.8" Finishing Edge 107-C2-311-171
Finishing Edge Corner 107-C2-311-172

Applications: Bathroom Walls, Shower Walls, Backsplashes, Interior Walls, Feature Walls, Vertical Surfaces.

Price: $13.36 per Square Foot

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Stuccio Ceramic Tile SAMPLE
Snow Gloss - 2" x 8" SAMPLE


Price/Piece $ 3.00

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Stuccio Ceramic
Snow Gloss 2" x 8" Tile


Price/Square Foot $ 13.36

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The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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