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Vermeere Ceramics

Ceramic Tile - Color Palette

The Essential Ceramic Tile for Upscale Interior Design  

Below, you will find the master color palette for our Vermeere ceramic line. We show the colors beneath in Subway Tile format, however the colors can be used for any tile size, molding shape and mosaic pattern in the entire collection. Basically, every item in the collection can be made in any color shown. The tile is made-to-order, so all pieces are glazed and fired at the same time to maximize color uniformity throughout all components.

It has become very difficult to find quality tile that is still manufactured in the USA, however Complete Tile is one of the biggest supporters of tile made in America. These tiles can qualify for LEED points and are not transported from overseas. The tiles are highly resistant to stress and very durable at a 3/8" thickness.

The tile glazes are available in gloss, matte and crackle. We also perform a special process called "Stained Crackle" where a dye is impregnated in to the crackle to accentuate the finish. Another finish offered is a mottled glaze finish called "Old World Crackle" which adds a subtle painterly quality. All glazes are highly durable, of the finest quality and will retain their beauty.

A wonderful variety of tile trim and moldings complements this tile series. Bullnose tiles are available for all shapes including subway tile on the short and long edges. Moldings and liners come in many styles from traditional to architectural modern. This allows designers to finish and detail the tile in bathrooms and kitchens with chair rails and baseboard moldings to create a luxurious result.

Shown: True White Gloss - 3" x 6" Manhattan Ceramic Subway Tile

True White - Gloss

True White - Matte

White - Gloss

Bleach White Crackle With Grey Veins

Ice Cream - Gloss

Ice Cream - Crackle

Alabaster - Gloss

Muslin - Gloss

Boston Cream - Gloss

Cream - Matte

Alpine Lace - Crackle

Antique Satin - Crackle

Angel - Gloss

Almond # 6 - Gloss

Stone - Matte

Cream - Gloss

Navajo White - Crackle

Sheer Natural - Crackle

Dark Golden Yellow - Old World Crackle

Dk. Cream - Gloss

Linen - Gloss

Linen - Crackle

Suede - Crackle

Mushroom - Gloss

Oatmeal - Gloss

Dk. Taupe - Gloss

Tundra - Gloss

Slate Brown - Crackle

Lt. Taupe - Gloss

Rawhide - Gloss

Spruce Bud - Old World Crackle

Sprout - Gloss

Seafoam - Gloss

Lime Juice - Gloss

Lime Juice - Crackle

Serene Green - Matte

Serene Green - Gloss

Serene Green - Crackle

Lt. Celeste Green - Gloss

Pebble Green - Crackle

Green Shale - Gloss

Victorian Green - Gloss

Apple Green - Gloss

Celeste Green - Gloss

Sage Green - Crackle

Apalachian Green - Gloss

Pine Mist - Gloss

Botanical Green - Crackle

Grey Green - Gloss

Sage Green - Gloss

Newport Green - Gloss

Holly Green - Gloss

Charcoal Grey - Old World Crackle

Spumante - Matte

Ming Blue - Gloss

Aidan's Blue - Gloss

Lt. Ocean Breeze - Matte

Blue Frost - Old World Crackle

Dk. Ocean Breeze - Gloss

Light Aspen - Crackle

Lt. Ocean Breeze - Gloss

Blue Horizon - Matte

Veelite - Crackle

Mediterranean Blue - Matte

Mediterranean Blue - Crackle

Caribbean - Crackle

Lt. Charcoal Grey - Gloss

Admiral - Gloss

Blue Frost - Matte

Blue Frost - Gloss

Sweet Bluette - Crackle

Ice Blue - Gloss

Ice Blue - Crackle

Azure - Gloss

Lt. Nautical Blue - Matte

Lt. Royal Blue - Gloss

Dk. Royal Blue - Gloss

Black - Gloss

Yellow - Gloss

Yellow - Crackle

Yellow - Matte

Vanilla Cream - Gloss

Bermuda Sand - Crackle

Pale Pink - Gloss

Pretty Pink - Gloss

Light Yellow - Gloss

Ice Cream Crackle With Taupe Veins

Pumice - Crackle

Ash - Gloss

Quicksilver - Gloss

Quicksilver - Crackle

Grey Stone Marble - Gloss

Grey Stone Marble - Crackle

Southsea Pearl - Gloss

Southsea Pearl - Crackle

Grey Mist - Gloss

Grey Mist - Crackle

Peacock - Fluid Glaze Crackle

Seaweed - Fluid Glaze Crackle

Sable Brown - Fluid Glaze Crackle

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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