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Mosaic Tile Borders

Mosaic Borders

Mosaic Borders transform attractive interior walls and floors in to extraordinary features. Adding this very special finishing touch requires a small amount of effort but creates a major effect on the overall appearance once the project is completed. A Tile Border can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the kitchen and bath and that in turn can increase the resale value of your home.

With dozens of styles and designs of Natural Stone Borders to choose from, you can match any pattern. Use a thin Border to create a delicate, light finishing touch. Our medium and wide Borders are mini works of art that create a refined elegance.

Designing Mosaic Tile With Borders

Add design impact to interior walls and floors by incorporating our intricate Mosaic Borders. These details can be used horizontally at wainscot height on a wall or to frame complete floor areas. Choose a Border with matching material and surface treatment or consider a contrasting color or Tile design.

Our narrow Borders neatly frame kitchen backsplashes and bathroom half walls. Our master craftspeople take their time and focus on small details so the Border will enhance and highlight the entire Tile installation.

Many of our wider Borders feature elegant flourishes and decoration that will dress up classic Mosaic Tile bathrooms and brighten kitchen Mosaic Tile. Decorative Border designs like the Avalon or Gadfly Border will create excitement even when they're combined with simple Mosaic designs or basic Tile. The intricate construction of complicated patterns, integrate into your overall décor and unify larger spaces.

Mosaic borders have long been a secret of high-end interior designers in order to give their Tile features an enhanced and perfected finish.

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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