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Mosaic Collections

Visual Dimensions

Beyond Chic and So Original!
Designed by Denes Petoe and Graham Barr

The mosaics from our Visual Dimensions Collection will give your designs the most timeless and upscale elements available. Through a combination of geometric visuals and expert natural stone shading selection, these mosaics are dynamic treats which gently transform as one moves about the space. Although they are all perfectly flat, the appearance of dimension adds a uniquely provocative element that brings interior design to another level.


Many of the patterns in this series feature our "Hairline Joint", which is a manufacturing process performed by hand, yet so precise that there is almost no joint between the mosaic pieces. This gives the designs a very refined appearance and clearly separates it from more common mosaics, which have wide joints full of grout. Upon installation, grout is still used, but it only serves to fill the tiny joints of our signature "Hairline" appearance. Only the most beautiful pieces of Marble, Limestone & Basalt used in these mosaics, it is beyond gorgeous!

Shown: Fieldston Frame Mosaic in Thassos, Blue Caress Light, Gris De Bleu, and Basalt in convergent orientation.

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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Complete Tile Collection
Complete Tile Collection

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