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Natural Pebble Mosaic Tile

Riverclear Pebble Tile Mosaic

The Riverclear Pebble Tile Collection is based on a unique patented process by which smooth river pebbles are cast in a clear resin and formed into beautiful tiles and slab. The surface has a gentle undulation due to the formation of the resin around the pebbles, yet it is still flat enough to be a comfortable walking or seating surface. The gentle undulations also provide these pebble tiles with increased scratch and slip resistance as well. The resin is also waterproof and highly stain resistant.

The appearance of smooth pebbles suspended within the resin gives an almost celestial feeling to a designed space. Riverclear tile sizes are 12" x 12" and a large format 24" x 24" which is as impressive as it is beautiful. All of the tiles and slabs can be backlit for added visual impact.

Shown: Riverclear Pebble Tile - Tan Natural

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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