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Square Mosaic

Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Checkerboard and Blends

Natural Stone Mosaic in The finest Colors

Square Mosaic Tile has been a favorite of interior designers, architects, and home owners for centuries. Mosaics are durable, easy to clean, and ideal for a multitude of environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. The geometric square format creates visual interest without disrupting the linear flow of other design aspects in a space. Each Tile is individually cut and hand blended to achieve a masterful balance of tonality. Many stones in this series come in hard to find finishes for thier size, color and material. We stock Polished, honed and tumbled finishes.

Our extensive selection of colors and varied materials has made us one of the best sources for Square Mosaic Tile in the world.

Shown: Ming Green Polished Marble 5/8" Square Mosaic 

Mosaic Tiles

Our Marble Mosaic Tiles offer a sophisticated look and a quiet sense of style. You can choose a polished surface which produces a dazzling shine that feels clean and fresh, a more subtle honed finish or textured tumbled style. Our Marble Mosaic Tiles are available in shades of white and gray, earth tones, and vibrant hues.

Limestone Mosaic has a connection to nature and the environment. The surface is subtly textured and each Tile is unique. Our selection includes earth tones and desert shades. The eco-friendly quality of the Tile makes it a popular choice.

Travertine is a cousin of the Limestone family. Travertine is geologically found near warm or hot springs so it's a natural choice for bathrooms and walls surrounding showers and tubs. It's also excellent for backsplashes and flooring. Our warm color choices include Persian Red, Midas Gold, and Pearl.

Onyx comes from the quartz family and has a glamorous translucent quality. Onyx Tile has a natural luster that is evident in colors such as White Vanilla, Green Pistachio, and Caramella.

Our Slate Mosaic has an honest, enduring quality. This rustic stone has traces of metal as part of its composition. Slate is an excellent choice for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, walls and floors. Slate is available in light, windswept colors like Arctic White and Desert Sand as well as dark rich shades like Iron Mould, Gold Green, and Montauk Blue.

Vibrant visual energy emanates from the contrasting tones of our Blends and Checkerboard Tiles. These multi-color mixes add vibrancy to walls and floors. They are especially popular around swimming pools, guest baths and as powder room features. Samples can be ordered for your decision making process from our NYC showroom.

Our highest quality mesh mounted Square Mosaic Tiles are an indispensible element for walls, floors, bathrooms, showers and swimming pools. Clients arrive from all over the world to view our immense collection in New York City. If you're seeking quality Tile at competitive prices, contact our Design Associates for assistance.


The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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