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Marble Square Mosaic

Polished, Honed and Tumbled Finishes

The Simple, Yet Elegant Floor and Wall Solution:

The beauty of designing with this simple pattern is its versatility. One can design a space simply using the sheets as they are for a clean and fresh look, or designs can be created by deconstructing the sheets and using them to create borders or patterns.

As these mosaics come mesh mounted, they can be cut into strips with a simple matte knife at any row count. Individual pieces can also be popped off the sheet either in a deliberate pattern or randomly, and a deco piece or different color mosaic incorporated.

Due to the simplicity of the square pattern, they are also set at a lower price point as opposed to the more complex patterns. There are also more color and finish options available in this format.

Shown: Blue Sky Med. Dark Polished 1" Square Mosaic

3/8" Square - Polished & Honed

5/8" Square - Polished & Honed

5/8" Square - Tumbled

3/4" Square - Polished & Honed

3/4" Square - Tumbled

1" Square - Polished & Honed

1" Square - Tumbled

2" Square - Polished & Honed

2" Square - Tumbled

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








Penny Round Tile



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Complete Tile Collection

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