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Dry Treat Rejuvenata Active Cleaner

1 Quart Tile and Stone Cleaner

Complete Tile Collection Dry Treat Rejuvenata Active Cleaner, 1 Quart Tile and Stone Cleaner, MI#: Sealers / Cleaners:Dry Treat-Rejuvenata Active, Color: Dry Treat Rejuvenata Cleaner
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MI# Sealers / Cleaners:Dry Treat-Rejuvenata Active

Color: Dry Treat Rejuvenata Cleaner

Size: 1 Quart Bottle

Rejuvenata Active is a concentrated enzyme cleaner for:
-Natural Stone
-Stone Mosaic
-Porcelain Tile
-Clay Tile
-For both daily maintenance and deep cleaning or stain removal.

Use in conjunction with Stain Proof Original Sealer.

Application rate

Light Mopping: 4-6 capfuls per 2 gallons of water

Heavy Duty Cleaning: 1/3 bottle per 2 gallons of water

Price: $15.76 per Piece

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Dry Treat Rejuvenata Active Cleaner
1 Quart Bottle - Dry Treat Rejuvenata Cleaner


Price/Piece $ 15.76


Special Features:

Typical applications

Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE is recommended for cleaning indoor surfaces including kitchen floors, bathrooms, eating and entertaining areas. Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE can be used for light regular mopping, heavy duty cleaning and removal of stains caused by oil / grease, mold, leaf marks, food and beverages.

Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE is safe for domestic and commercial cleaning of hard surfaces, including:

  • all natural stone (including acid sensitive, calcite based stones such as marble and limestone) 
  • porcelain, ceramic and clay tile
  • grout
  • vinyl and unfinished wood (with no stain, oil or other coatings).


  • Rejuvenata™ ACTIVE contains 3 different, powerful natural active enzymes (similar to those in your gut) that quickly break down oils, grime, food residue, and stains caused by mold. It is environmentally responsible and safer to use than many traditional chemical cleaners.
  • Super Concentrate 
    • only 3 to 4 capfuls in a bucket of water required for regular mopping
    • Effective for heavy duty cleaning and stain removal (using a higher concentration)
  • For domestic and commercial cleaning, including in scrubbing machines. 
  • Hyper-biodegradable - decomposes quickly into oxygen and natural minerals
  • Safe to transport and gentler on skin than traditional alkaline / caustic / solvent cleaners
  • Zero VOC
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