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Natural Stone

Limestone Moldings

Limestone Moldings and Liners

Limestone possesses an innate ability to blend with its surroundings and create a natural feel in any space. With multiple size, color and texture options Complete Tile has the perfect decorative limestone elements - liners and moldings - to create a finishing touch for your tiles.

Shown: Lisbon Bleu Base Molding


Limestone Chair Rails

Limestone Chair Rails are a more elaborate element and work extremely well in spaces where you might want to frame a tiled area, finish a wainscott or break up a solid color wall.

Limestone Bar Liners

Limestone bar liners are an excellent choice to bridge two different textures or colors together, giving it a finished and purposeful appearance. Whether you are looking for an ornate design or a more modern squared off edge, the correct options will be available at Complete Tile.

Limestone Base Moldings

Limestone base moldings are the perfect companion to beautiful limestone floors and walls. These dimensional details add a modern stone texture to important transitions in a room. The serene color palette will coordinate perfectly with contemporary schemes.

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








Penny Round Tile



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Complete Tile Collection

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