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Video - Vermeere Ceramic Tile: Ep1: Part 1

Denes Petoe, July 11th, 2012

Host Denes Petoe explores the finer points of designing with Vermeere ceramic tile, ceramic trim, molding and ceramic mosaic. He discusses all of the important tile sizes, such as subway tile and why tile thickness is important.

Denes also explains the importance of subtle graduations in color when working with tile from an interior design standpoint. He also discusses why made to order is important for ceramic tile. The importance of hand made ceramic tile is also covered. Shot on location at the Complete Tile Collection showroom in NYC.

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I’m Denes Petoe here at the Complete Tile Collection showroom in NYC and this is the first episode in a 3 part series titled: DESIGNING WITH VERMEERE CERAMICS” and these are the BASICS
Now there are a multitude of ceramic tile lines out there for you to design with, however there are only a select few that actually stand out and will become the basis for superior projects. When designing, you need tools that enhance and expand your capabilities, the absolute worst position to be in is when your materials limit your design (and we have all have been in this position at some point).
Behind me is a great tool in achieving an elevated project design when ceramic tile is called for. The possibilities with our Vermeere Ceramics collection are inspiring and I’ll explain exactly why:
• There are 90 exquisite colors and the colors do not jump all over the place there are subtle shade and tonal graduations between these colors, especially in whites and creams, but also in the blues, grays and greens. This allows for maximum coordination of these tiles with other materials and elements within the space.
• All tile sizes, trim, border, molding and mosaic can be made in any color
• Made to order line, why is made to order important?
o Bullnose trim or molding will not exactly match the main field tile of stocked lines as they are made at different times
• So with all of these wonderful features and possibilities, you may wonder about price point and how a ceramic line such as this might fit in your project’s budget. And of course this is an extremely valid question. For a hand-made, quality tile line, Vermeere Ceramics is one of the best values in the industry, and we are conducting constant market research to make certain that statement always holds true so I say this with absolute confidence.
• In conjunction with value there is a level of quality. This ceramic tile is manufactured in the USA (and qualifies for LEED points by the way).
o An important illustration of the quality level is the thickness of this tile. Now you don’t want things to be overly built, but you do want something that is strong. Vermeere tile is 3/8” of an inch thick, whereas lower quality tiles are ¼” or even thinner which means they are weaker and prone to snapping. If you are specifying materials for an important client or even investing in your personal project, you want a tile that will stand the test of time.
o There are 2 types of clay bodies, (holding 3 x 6 Manhattan Tile) this is the Manhattan Series clay body, it has a flatter more square profile with crisp edges however, the surface has a gentle softness, with just the right amount of imperfection to give evidence of being produced by a human hand. (Holding Size Board) The size options are streamlined in the Manhattan series (pointing to size board and listing sizes) and it is the more economical option.
o The second option is the Hand Made series (holding 3 x 6 Handmade Tile) this tile has a more rounded appearance the surface is a bit more irregular the edges slightly radiused (holding large size board) and as you can see quite a lot more size options, more unique tiles such as Beveled Subway and Rhomboid. I won’t list them all but you can view all of the size options for the Vermeere Handmade Series at The price point jumps a bit higher for the Handmade Series.

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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