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Video - Designing With Tile: Custom Mosaics

Denes Petoe, April 23rd, 2018

Explore the unique aspects of incorporating custom stone mosaics into your interior design projects. Join host Denes Petoe as he leads you through the concept, material selection and manufacturing of an actual custom pattern foyer project at the Complete Tile mosaic studio. View the assembly of the mosaic pattern in the staging area and the flagship showroom in Clifton, NJ. Denes will give you insight on how to achieve the best results when creating mosaic designs for renovation projects.

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Iím Denes Petoe, CEO of the Complete Tile Collection and Iím here to talk to you about custom mosaics. So why are so many famous interior designers and architects implementing custom mosaics in their projects? Well one of the important parts of this is the ability to play with scale, pattern, texture, color, and really imprint your unique style and concept into that project utilizing something that just isnít available off the shelf. That can really tie the entire project together and create something that looks very designed, very special, and very unique. Complete Tile is famous for producing and designing custom mosaics so we have collections that are specific to this purpose. Weíll also create from drawings or any type of inspiration that can be provided for us. Weíll take any of the stock materials that we have and customize those as well. Custom mosaics are very versatile so they can be used in hotels, master baths, kitchens, backsplashes and walls, feature areas, and foyers. Speaking about foyer, we have been working on a really special project. This one happens to be in the St. Johnís Wood section of London. This is an old Victorian townhouse thatís in the process of being modernized in a really wonderful way. Our Jordan Pattern which has been designed by our own Graham Barr was selected to be used in this project and what weíve done is weíve fine tuned this material as far as veining and coloration. So what I want to do is I want to take you into the mosaic studio so that we can review and I can show you exactly how we achieve this customization and we create these great patterns. Come on.

So what I have here is Nero Marquina Marble and Calacatta Marble. One of the qualities of Nero Marquina is the white veining and very black field. The black in Nero Marquina is a really wonderful, deep black and itís really not available from any other material. And the Calacatta has a wonderful characteristic of taupe and grey veins however the white portion of the Calacatta is a really, really special and pleasing white. In this particular instance what we wanted to do is we wanted to take the blackest black from the Nero Marquina and the whitest white from the Calacatta and incorporate those into the Jordan Pattern.

The mosaic artist will carefully select the material, cut the individual pieces, they will be blended together, positioned, and then a piece of clear tape will go across the surface of the material in order to hold the individual pieces together.
The contractor in London has sent us a wonderfully accurate template. The mosaic artists have taken that template and used that as their guide to create all the mosaic sheets and lay them out properly, make sure they fit precisely, number them, make sure the direction is indicated on each one so that then they can be taken apart and reassembled in London on the job site.
So now what we will see here is our mosaic rug is geometrically perfect around the room. The black area you see here will be tile. Now the installer will receive the tile which then he can trim and cut perfectly to all those little moldings and threshholds and doorways and all the things that exist in the space.
If we tried to do this with mosaic it would come out looking very difficult and messy and we donít want that. We want the mosaic to create a wonderful shape within the room and then have everything else disguised by the cuts of the tile.
So now the Jordan Pattern has been carefully packed up, crated and is on its way to London for installation in the townhouse. So if you would like to get involved in this wonderful, exciting process of creating custom mosaics be sure to contact your Complete Tile representative. Also be sure to visit and view the mosaic masterworks section. In that section youíll find wonderful detailed pictures of all these fantastic custom patterns that we can tailor to your next project. Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for a lot more great videos coming from Complete Tile Collection. Iím Denes Petoe, see you soon.

Ending credits: Designing with Tile
Director and Host: Denes Petoe
Production: Brandon Dagnall, Judy Yun
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