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Zumi Structured Glass Mosaic

Our Celebrated Glass Tile With a New Smooth Edge

The Latest Version of The Original Glass Design

Designers have always loved the distinctly handmade quality of our classic Zumi series. We kept the same interest in the surface and incredible color formations through the glass, but in the new Zumi Structured series the edges are more smooth and straight. The artistry is still evident and the edges are still made to be unique. The surface of the mosaic retains its undulations and striations which create so much interest and character to the tile.

The color is vibrant, but not overly so, and the glass mosaic pieces are expertly blended and pre-mounted on sheets. The sheets interlock and can be installed to create a custom look of continuous glass mosaic, as if each piece was hand laid in place. The colors range from single hue with minimal variation to multi-colorways with flowing light and dark tones.

Certain tile colors in the collection are made from 70% recycled glass content. The Zumi Structured series is a stocked tile ready for shipment.  

Shown: Nikael Natural 1" x 4" Brick - Zumi Structured Recycled Glass Mosaic 

1" x 4" Brick Glass Mosaic


1" x 4" Brick Glass Mosaic


Complete Tile Collection
Complete Tile Collection

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