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Zumi Glass Penny Rounds

Glass Penny Rounds Mosaic

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Zumi Glass - Recycled Glass Tile

This timeless yet dynamic glass mosaic will establish a distinguishing appearance to upscale spaces. Made from varying amounts of recycled glass content, this material is both eco friendly and beautiful.

 Exquisite glass colors are folded into each other and pulled into the body of the mosaic to create a multi-layered depth to the tile. Light enters the surface of the mosaic and creates a gentle refraction within. As the mosaic has been handmade by expert artisans, there is just the correct amount of artistry evident in the final product. The edges are hand snapped to create an artisanal edge and each piece is unique.

Available in both a Natural clear finish and a Silk frosted finish, Zumi Glass also comes in an array of sizes and patterns. Our formats include Herringbone, glass Penny Round, Square and Brick patterns from small to large sizes. 

Shown: Seacliff Mist Natural 1-3/8" x 5-3/4" Large Brick Recycled Glass Mosaic 

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








Penny Round Tile



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