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Video - Vermeere Ceramic: Ep1: Part 3

Denes Petoe, July 11th, 2012

In part 3, Denes begins this segment with ceramic tile trim, moldings and liners. He illustrates the difference between Vermeere Ceramics Architectural Tile Molding trim and Fancy Tile Molding trim.

He then demonstrates the finer points of ceramic mosaic patterns & finishes. Denes reveals a way to use sheets of ceramic mosaic to create tile borders in a very efficient and inexpensive way.

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o Moving to another type of trim, we have the Moldings category and Vermeere molding styles are divided into 2 selections. (cut to frontal shot of Architectural Moldings) The first is what we call Architectural Trim and Molding. (back to Denes holding arch. molding) These are beautiful, clean line moldings and absolutely upscale elements. Very simple with just the right amount of detail and profiles that exhibit thoughtful design.
o (cut to frontal shot of Fancy Fields) The second is what we call Fancy Trim & Molding, (back to Denes holding fancy molding) which as the name suggests, is quite detailed. What I want to point out to you is the level of that detail The indication of a high quality ceramic molding is the depth of the design and the crispness of the detailing. Low quality ceramics will have low depth of their designs and very rounded detailing.
o We are going to cover how to design with this trim in the next episode including a live demonstration, so although there is quite a lot of important additional information I can relay here, you can Follow Complete Tile on Facebook to stay up to date on when that episode goes live.
In addition to all the great elements in the Vermeere Ceramics line, we also offer Mosaics. (several shots of mosaics follow) There are many really stunning patterns, many of which are simply not available in any other ceramic collection. (back to Denes) Just as with all of the tile sizes and trim shapes, the mosaics are available in all 90 colors as well as all of the finishes. You can also combine multiple colors and finishes within a mosaic pattern.
o These mosaics will come pre-mounted from the factory in sheets, ready to install.
o I usually like to incorporate these mosaics in a Matte finish on the floor in a shower area, this way I keep my materials consistent but still have the slip resistance of a matte mosaic.
o Another way to use these ceramic mosaics is in a wall border, cutting a section of this material and laying it between the main field tile using a coordinating color or even the same color.
Thank you for joining me as we explore the finer points of designing with the Vermeere Ceramic Tile line. Im Denes Petoe with the Complete Tile Collection and I am always searching for the finest materials to give YOU the best tools to produce great design!

The largest, exceptionally tasteful collection of Tile & Stone materials ever assembled...








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